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Class Room Rules

Elementary Level Class - Room Rules

  1. No interfering with the teaching and learning of others.
  2. Respect personal space, rights and property of others.
  3. Follow directions of all your teachers.
  4. Come to class prepared with all supplies and homework complete.
  5. Be respectful of yourself and others.
  6. Raise your hand before you speak iduring a classroom lesson.
  7. Listen quietly white others are speaking.
  8. Obey all school rules.
  9. Be polite, courteous and respectful at all times.
  10. Complete all assignments neatly and on time.
  11. Be quiet in lines all way and restroom.
  12. Follow Directions.
  13. Complete work on time.
  14. Respect fellow classmates.
  15. Stay on task.
  16. Always do your best.

High School Level - Class Rules

  1. Arrive on time.
  2. Listen to others and participate in class discussions.
  3. Use the pencil sharpeners during non instructional time.
  4. Do your assignments.
  5. Bring materials and have them ready.
  6. Cooperate with your group.
  7. Do not interrupt other students' learning.
  8. No vandalism. Don't write or carve on your desk or school property.
  9. Treat computers with care.
  10. One person at a time leaves the room with the hall pass.
  11. Do not come to class late without a hall pass.
  12. Be organized and prepared for class.
  13. Come to class prepared to learn. (Pencils sharpened, pen, paper and notebooks).
  14. Respect all ideas given in class and do not criticize anybody's ideas or thoughts.

Seven basic Class room Rules.

  1. Follow the instructions the first time they are given.
  2. Raise you hand and wait for permissions to speak.
  3. Remain seated unless you have permission.
  4. Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself.
  5. No swearing, teasing or put downs.
  6. Always use manners and beware of other people's feelings.
  7. Always finish your homework and bring it back the next morning.




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Registration & Admission Open At DYAL SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL, JAGADHRI For Session 2017-18 For Classes Pre-nsy To 9TH & 11TH

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Result declaration(PTM) for classes Pre-nsy to IX will be held on 20th May 2017 from  9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Summer Break

Summer Break will  commence from 29 May,2017 and school will reopen on 03 July,2017.

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